A’kin Invigorating Facial Scrub 75ml


Gently refine skin texture by removing dirt, impurities and dead surface skin cells with the help of fine Jojoba and Corn beads.

Enriched with Witch Hazel and Vitamin B5 to soothe and clarify for more radiant, softer skin.

Paraben and sulfate free

Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin types

For sensitive skin, do not use on red/irritated skin until this has calmed

Ideal For:

Gentle daily exfoliation

Smoothing and refining skin texture

Vibrant looking skin

Preparing the skin for better absorption of moisturisers

Active Ingredients:

Jojoba Beads – exfoliating, free from plastic micro beads

Corn – exfoliating, encourages better circulation

Witch Hazel – to refine the pores

Vitamin B5 – Calms and soothes the skin

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Reveal more vibrant looking skin that feels soft and smooth with the help of A’kin’s Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub.

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